The First Techie Tesla Model 3 Rolls Out

You know you are not ‘just another’ tech follower when you preach the unbelievable technologies that Elon Musk brings to this little world. May it be the wonders when PayPal came into existence or Hyperloop or SpaceX or SolarCity or so many others, it had never failed to charm the human species.

Tesla, a brand that defines class with the technology, is an all time favourite of the passionate car lovers as well as the coolest tech nerds. And oh what a joy to see the first TESLA MODEL 3 roll out into the arms of Elon Musk himself. His recent tweet was a sweet little introduction to this tech bomb.



MODEL 3 has achieved an impressive range of 215 miles per charge. It is the least expensive of all the models that Tesla has released. This tech on wheels is designed to attain highest safety ratings in every category. With the smooth acceleration of 0 to 60 mph under 6 seconds, who wouldn’t wish to push that peddle?


We have all been anticipating this model since long. Remember the Tesla MODEL 3 unveil event?


Tesla will hold a launch party to hand over the first 30 model to the US customers on 28th of July this year.

MODEL 3 is the third model preceded by Model X and Model S.


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