Engineering!! I believe there are more engineers in this country than the people who choose to brush their teeth every night before going to bed! Now, being an engineer, like lakhs of others, I don’t find any sense in standing by ‘my career choice’ and proving it to be “a right decision”. Everyone knows that engineering colleges has become a mere manufacturing machine of the employees to provide them to the company run by some smart person(may or may not be an engineer).

Not that I’m pointing out a very different, innovative notion. Every engineer knows it well enough, and have recited the mantra of “Kya bakwaas kaam kar rhe be!” while copying every single word of the assignment from ‘THE MASTER COPY’. Or how the description to write a long, useless paragraph anywhere has been so simplified by the term ‘university exam ka answer likh le’. We have spent our days and nights trying to understand the concepts, but ended up mugging the entire book on the night before exams. We score marks, or sometimes we don’t, but one thing for sure, we do not score useful knowledge.

Friends, outings, college extracurriculars which we somehow manage are the only things that keep us alive.

And while we’ve survived our four years somehow, the engineering college manufactured products are ready to be out in the market. Placement season is on!!! And that’s when desperately we need someone to speak out our minds about all the crazy things going on around. Someone to speak of this generalized process that goes on, in an honest manner. And here comes our saviour…AIB!!!

Nobody! Nobody in the world can catch our feelings the way AIB does! And this series of ‘Honest Engineering Campus Placements’ is God!!!

Watch watch watch!

Watch it! Feel it!! Kill it!!!



All India Bakchod (AIB) has once again taken us to the honest land. Thank God somebody’s there who can take that rage and put it on a page and then bring it to our screens!!

This series of ‘AIB : Honest Engineering Campus Placements’ will take you through the feels and nostalgia of the placements days. You’ll surely relish and cherish all the stupid days we spent to get enslaved by the best tag we could afford to get.

Engineering is not a bad choice if you are doing what you like. But the problem is, for most people it is just an easy gateway to placements, that’s all!

Repeating the dialogue again,

Success k piche mat bhago. Kabil bano. Kamiyaabi toh…(rest you know)

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